Seminars & Workshops

IMG_2063We hold seminars on various dating topics and relationship issues that people face. A couple of times a year we run bespoke workshops depending on what people want to work with in depth.

Our seminars are typically last 1 hour 45 minutes. We host them at UCL on weekdays and typically draw between 20 -40 people. They are semi interactive and incredibly informative. They supplement our one-to-one coaching clients really well but also work as stand alone sessions. Importantly they are for both men and women. In fact, a couple started dating as a result of attending one of our seminars!

Our workshops range from 1 day intensives to 8 week programmes.

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Next event: Madeleine will be giving a talk at HQ Love Summit 2nd December 2017, see details here


We have run an 8 week course specifically looking at how to deal with singledom and how to get a relationship. We have also run online dating courses for those who want to create cool profiles and gain insight into how to sell themselves. These vary in length from hours to days and consist of groups between 4 and 12. Sign up to our newsletter if you would like to know when the next ones are, or indeed suggest a topic.

The topics we cover range from how to start over (life after divorce), what commitment-phobia looks like, what true love is, how to spot a player, how to deal with break-ups and how to gain confidence in dating. The dating seminars and workshops are based on clinical experience, research and theory, brought to life by the discussions in the group.

The advantage of attending these classes are that you realise you are not the only one to struggle with a particular problem, and more importantly you get to hear the views of both men and women. Many people get a sense of relief when they attend our seminars and helps boost confidence.

This is what some of our attendees have said about us:

Linda, 36 Nurse

“Just thought I’d write to say hello and give you an update after all your seminars I went to and your great 1-to-1 coaching. I have actually met someone and it is going amazingly well – I couldn’t be happier (he even surprised me with a weekend in Rome for my birthday). I learned a lot from your coaching and continue to put it into practice – so thank you.” – From getting personal coaching and attending seminars (2015)


Tim, 35 Clinic Manager

“I attended PassionSmiths three one-hour seminars starting in August 2014. I took from them far more than I thought possible. Madeleine manages to break down common problems in a way that is direct, succinct and easy to follow, stage by stage. Within five minutes, she had the entire audience noting every word. She addresses issues in a fashion that stays memorable, so for me the impact wasn’t just for a few weeks afterwards, but much longer – possibly lifelong. Talking to other people at the seminar, we agreed that we’d learned not only about dating more successfully, but also about relationships, avoiding pitfalls and knowing our own flaws. She gives advice that you feel straight away you can trust.” – On attending Time Out Summer Seminars (2014)


Nat, 43 Writer

“Honestly I hate these courses. I’ve done too many. I see loads of coaches via work, but this course was both genuine and refreshing. Exceeded expectations” – On attending Leaving Single Valley workshop (2014)


Eve, 36 Customer Services Manager

“It was brilliant, [they] managed to explain very complicated things in very simple ways. For someone like me who is lost in her own mind/ superstitions it was perfect course & helped me to open my mind to myself. Many thanks!” – On attending Leaving Single Valley workshop (2014)