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Welcome to PassionSmiths, London based dating and relationship counselling experts

about us

We specialise in anything related to dating and relationship issues. Whether that be helping singles gain confidence in dating, understand where they may be going wrong when dating, why they struggle to meet the right person, or couples wanting to improve their relationships. We ultimately support people to achieve healthy loving relationships and how to flourish. Perhaps we can help you?

We are a group of professional dating and relationships coaches, counsellors and therapists dedicated to helping singles improve their dating success, supporting them to find love, as well as help couples to improve their relationships through private sessions, events, workshops and seminars. We often see ‘one half’ of a couple who need a confidential space to voice their concerns and worries.

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PassionSmiths Story: The founders

about us 2Upon meeting through an online dating site, psychologist Madeleine Mason and psychotherapist Dan Williams found they shared a passion for supporting people in their search for love. In their professions and friendships, they spent much of their time helping others understand relationship patterns, get dates, attract relationships, build the best online dating profiles and remedy relationship problems. Believing there was a specific need to focus on people’s love lives, that did not involve pick up artists (PUA), solely focusing on men (how to get a girlfriend) or women (find the man of your dreams), they founded PassionSmiths dedicated to help both men and women achieve their dating and relationship dreams. What started out in their favorite coffee shop with homemade cakes has turned into a passion to ‘smith’ love for singles and couples alike.


This is what they have to say:

The need to move back into good relationships has never been stronger. We live in a time where many people look for quick fixes and treat others as disposable objects, when what they really need is true love and care. It can be difficult to navigate in the sea of choice, mixed signals and insincere intentions.
At PassionSmiths, we believe people need fulfilling relationships in order to thrive. Stress and anxiety is reduced when there is someone good to share life with, it enhances well-being and health. We want everybody to be happy in fulfilling relationships, whether in marriage or long-term partnerships. We want to provide you with the building blocks that create the relationship you want with the love you need, without using pick up artist mind games or NLP. All our PassionSmiths are professionally trained practitioners dedicated to helping you improve your dating skills, confidence and have success in finding love. We do this through dating and relationship focused coaching, counselling, events and workshops tailored to your personal needs. We also work with other professionals offering additional services such as matchmaking, makeovers and professional photography. We look forward to helping you to find the love you are looking for and become a better, more attractive, confident you.