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Do you find you constantly meet the wrong people? Do the people you date turn out to be different than what you expected? Do you feel you are wasting a lot of time and money on dating (when you just want to meet someone you can have a meaningful relationship with)? Try this coaching programme with Madeleine. 


Madeleine Mason, Dating Psychologist & Director of PassionSmiths

Madeleine Mason, Dating Psychologist & Director of PassionSmiths

Not only has she taken her own medicine and met the man of her dreams, who proposed to her within 4 months of dating, she is a dating psychologist. Married once before, divorced, tried the single mum thing, Madeleine Mason not only has plenty of life experience, she is managing director of dating expert company PassionSmiths, founder of the Dating Industry Professionals Network (DIPN) and currently working on a doctorate in counselling psychology. You will see her in the press as well as Sky TV. Her speciality is to coach singles into relationships and help people improve their relationships.

For a selected few people, she offers a flexible coaching programme. Madeleine tailors the coaching specifically to fit you, not too dissimilar to having a personal trainer at the gym. You set your goals and, in collaboration with Madeleine, work together on achieving them – whether it is starting from scratch on a dating profile for online dating or how to strike up a conversation in ‘real life’.

You will learn things like how to:

-tell whether someone is into you and serious about dating

-understand the texts you receive (and how to respond)

-be more confident

-get the most out of a conversation

-secure a second date

-take things further and turn your date into a committed relationship

– learn what it means when someone ghosts you (& how to deal with it)

Each month you get a 50 minute face-to-face session with weekly 25 minute check-ins over the phone. You and Madeleine will have calls that are relevant to what is happening in your dating. For example, it might make better sense to have a call the day after you have gone to that party, attended a dating event or been on that date.

The flexible check-ins allow you to gain most value from the coaching. For example, if you have been on a date and you don’t know what to do next, or you have received a text and don’t know how to respond and need someone to talk to about it, Madeleine is there to help. You may have been on several dates, but don’t know how to take it to the next level and you need a quick check in or chat about it. Whatever arises for you, you can book your check-in session as and when.

Inevitably when we date, questions of uncertainty crop up and this is where the coaching comes in handy. It tries to keep you sane when you sometimes feel like giving up, or when some sort of insecurity or anxiety threatens to hijack the situation. Most people turn to their friends, but often their well-meaning words don’t help and they are sometimes downright unhelpful. For example, the time when someone was worried that their boyfriend was going to break up and the friends reassured them that he would probably soon propose, making it worse when he did in fact break-up.

Madeleine will guide you through the journey even though you are doing the ‘leg-work’. Her empathetic nature and dedication to getting you into a relationship is second to none. Having said that, no expert, book, course, programme or pill can ever guarantee that you will get a relationship. There are too many variables and factors that are out of the hands of any expert. You are the magic ingredient. What Madeleine does is guide you through your blind spots, supports you when you feel uncertain and with a background in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), she uses techniques and tools that give you the upper hand on your chances to find love.

All coaching is done confidentiality and to DIPN & British Psychological Society ethical standards.

You are required to sign up for a minimum 3 months, with the option to extend, at £350 pr month. The coaching programme starts in the first week of every month. You and Madeleine will find the most suitable time in that week to start.

For some 3 months may sound like a long time, however should you meet someone and start dating say after 6 weeks of the coaching programme, it is not uncommon that anxieties hijack the early phases of a budding relationship. In such cases, the coaching takes on a nature of emotion management and developing a secure attachment.


Email Madeleine on, ask for a 10 minute free consultation and find out about availability.


See below an example of coaching, here Madeleine sees journalist Grace Dent in a documentary on Love