Relationship Counselling

RELATIONSHIP-COUNSELLING-1Being single, in a relationship or married all have their ‘moments’. We all struggle with our life at one point or another and relationships are by no means is an exception to this. In fact if anything, they can be more messy as we try and navigate through what is ‘me’, ‘you’ and ‘us’.

At PassionSmiths, we are here to support you through any relationship issues or challenges you may face. We understand how tricky is can be to feel trapped, misunderstood, not heard or stuck.



We offer couples therapy and relationship counselling on a range of topics, such as:

  • Dealing with poor communication and understanding.
  • The relationship has reached a plateau and you feel stuck.
  • One of you want to leave the marriage.
  • How to overcome infidelity.
  • Dealing with a partner who has cheated.
  • Uncertainty about marriage and children.
  • Fear of commitment or intimacy.
  • Not feeling loved.
  • Your partner has changed and you don’t know what to do.
  • Things are fine, but you want to make the relationship even better.

We can see you individually or as a couple, depending on what the issue is. Couples sessions and individual sessions last 50 minutes. Our therapists are highly trained psychologists or psychotherapists and offer bespoke services tailored to your individual need. All our work is confidential and private.



1 session  £525

Starter package £1,625  – includes 2 individual  & 3 couples sessions*

Deep work package £5,750  – includes 4 individual sessions & 12 couples sessions**

*to be taken within a 6 week period  ** to be taken within a 6 month period


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